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Amethyst East Africa


Amethyst East Africa


Amethyst East Africa

Amethyst East Africa, whether mined in Zambia or Tanzania are known for pure, clean purple colour and inclusion free gems of large dimension.

The striking colour of quality amethyst has enabled this gem to grow in popularity over the centuries. 

African and European royalty are reputed to have reserved this stone to themselves in the past, but all may now afford and enjoy the gem.


Amethyst East Africa For Sale

For Sale - Amethyst - Cushion Shape

Top Purple Colour

47.2 carats

Dimensions - 23.2 x 21.9 mm

Flawless - No Visible Inclusions

Treatment - None

Price - Only $15 (USD) per carat or offer



amethyst-pear-1145.jpg (9938 bytes) amethyst-barrel-2676.jpg (11157 bytes) amethyst-round-1343-sold.jpg (10742 bytes) amethyst-marquise-407.jpg (9625 bytes) amethyst-cushion-1532.jpg (10581 bytes)


Amethyst East Africa makes remarkable collector pieces or striking jewellery.

To make a purchase send an email to the Info Box using the link below. Payment can be made thriugh PayPal. The shipping charge is $10. Your delivery should arrive within 7 days.



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Amethyst East Africa

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